November 27, 2012 Linnette Attai

These days, it’s critical that parents teach their children about digital and mobile privacy and safety. While most children and teens have heard these words, it’s not easy for them to understand what they REALLY mean without some guidance.

Give them age-appropriate information about keeping personal information private, not sharing passwords with anyone (even friends), being careful not to post pictures that aren’t meant for the world to see, and the implications of having information out in cyberspace forever. Explain your rules about who they can and can’t be friends with online – just as you do in the real world – and show them what to do if they see something online that makes them uncomfortable. Teach these lessons as early and as often as you teach them lessons about navigating safely in the real world. And then teach them again as they grow.

And parents, if you’re not sure what your children need to know, or how to navigate the digital world they inhabit, just ask. There are a number of educators, industry representatives and your friend here at PlayWell who are more than happy to help you get started.

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