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Product development, marketing and media intended for young consumers requires that organizations put responsibility at the center of any plans. PlayWell guides companies through the rules that govern and influence this arena. Whether a project touches on regulatory, self-regulatory or general industry concerns, PlayWell will partner with you on all stages of production to help you effectively navigate the compliance responsibilities, as well as to build and grow your governance program.

Linnette Attai Delivers a TEDx Talk on Data Privacy

Why don't we engage more deeply to protect our individual data privacy? How might we begin to change that? Linnette Attai explores these questions and more in this TEDx Talk.

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Student Data Privacy Reading for Schools and Districts

Student Data Privacy: Building a School Compliance Program” is now available on And you can pre-order "Protecting Student Data Privacy: Classroom Fundamentals," to serve as privacy training for your teachers.

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When engaging with the youth market, operating responsibly can be your biggest business advantage. PlayWell's mission is to partner with clients to successfully navigate the compliance world and drive your business forward.

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