Tips for Parents: Online Privacy and Your Child

October 23, 2017
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October 23, 2017 Linnette Attai

Minnesota Public Radio’s Tom Weber and Manda Lille recently asked, “is sharing caring?” What should parents consider before sharing information about their child online?

Among the tips from PlayWell: (1) Turn off the location settings on your phone before taking pictures that you’ll post online. That’ll help ensure that when you post that the cute picture of your child, you’re not also inadvertently sharing their location. (2) Check your privacy settings to ensure that your photos are seen by your family and friends. (3) Ask your child for permission before you post. Sure, your child may be too young to understand what posting on social media is all about, but this is an opportunity to model good online behavior, and to start teaching your child that posting online is a decision, and one that should be made thoughtfully, with respect for those you are posting about.

For more tips from PlayWell and Susan Walker, director of Parent and Family Education at the University of Minnesota, check out the full story.