Education Institutions

Building a school compliance program is a critical, modern-day challenge for most education institutions. Understanding where to start in managing your internal data protection work, engaging with technology companies, vetting classroom technologies, preparing for security incidents, training, contracting and policy development are just some of the facets you’ll have to contend with as you build and grow your data protection efforts.

PlayWell will assess your existing efforts, partner with you to create a roadmap for the future and provide services that include training, vetting technology products, policy development, incident response planning and education seminars for district leadership and parents.

FREE PRIVACY TRAINING: If you work in one of the many districts that has had to shift suddenly to distance learning, we’re here to help. Now through May 1, we’re offering free privacy training seminars to districts, including privacy workshops for teachers with practical tips for protecting student data privacy while working from home. Contact us for more information.