November 21, 2012 Linnette Attai

Not surprisingly, Apple products are high up on many kids’ holiday wish lists. But in addition to the price of the gadget, those app costs can add up. Savvy parents are learning more about how to navigate the app store, in-app purchases and the advertising and upsell that is common within many apps intended for children.

To ensure that your app shines this holiday season, let parents know in advance what they can expect from your product. The app description provides you with a perfect opportunity to share information about the app experience you’re promising, as well as information about whether or not there are opportunities for money transactions within the app, or perhaps advertising. Don’t be shy about telling parents how to operate any parental controls you may have built into your app. Far from hindering purchase, assisting parents will help you to build trust with your consumer – and isn’t that what savvy marketers need to do to succeed?

Finally, don’t forget to be very clear about your data collection and privacy practices. By building compliance into your app design and marketing, you better the chances that parents will respond favorably to the next app you release.