Introducing PlayWell Privacy Trust Framework for Student Data

Keeping up with best practices around student data privacy and security is not easy, and neither is communicating your data handling practices to schools and districts in a way that they’ll readily understand.

That’s where PlayWell comes in.

The PlayWell Privacy Trust Framework for Student Data provides guidance to support your compliance efforts, and creates detailed reports about your data privacy and security practices that demonstrate to education institutions why your technology is safe for use in the classroom.

The reports are produced after PlayWell completes a professional audit and assessment of your products and related operational policies. The process gives you the information you need to better align with federal, state and district rules and industry best practices while bridging the trust gap with schools.

What is a Privacy Trust Framework?

A privacy trust framework is a collection of rules for data privacy and security behaviors, policies and practices, along with information about how those rules are implemented.

How the PlayWell Privacy Trust Framework for Student Data Works:

Submit Data

Companies participating in the PlayWell Privacy Trust Framework for Student Data submit their product, data policies and governance practices to PlayWell for a confidential review.


PlayWell evaluates the materials for alignment between policy and practice, and for compliance with specific privacy, security and operational requirements, which are provided in advance.


The review, which is repeated annually, encompasses the product, privacy policy, terms of service, basic contract, general security practices, data collection and handling processes and governance controls, and comes with recommended solutions and compliance guidance where needed to help bring your practices to the next level.


When the compliance work is completed, privacy and security practices are explained in reports that are made freely available to school administrators and educators.

Added Benefits for Schools

PlayWell is committed to educating companies, educators, parents and youth about data privacy and security. In addition to the reports, a portion of the proceeds from each audit and assessment go toward the development of free privacy training for educators (coming 2016).

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